It Sank!

Yes, it did!

That is for the words about the Kursk submarine, which I will never forget and never forgive: it sunk! That’s a payback – it sank, sank, sank! I could not imagine this news would make me so happy.

About a week ago, Boris and I talked, and he said: you should tell your Congressman to send anti-warship missiles to Ukraine! I asked him why, and he explained (Boris is from a navy family, so I trust him with this knowledge). Anna told me that “we send what Ukrainians ask for, and they ask for javelinas.” Just two days later, I first heard that Ukraine asked, and we sent the Neptunes! And then – today! It was so-so literally what Boris said that would happen. When I called him, he sounded very satisfied with the choice of target, and then he asked: why it didn’t sink? It should have. I told him that it was not confirmed yet, and a couple of hours later – hurray!

3 thoughts on “It Sank!

  1. Amazingly, Neptunes are weapons developed and built by Ukrainians. The project started under Turchinov and Poroshenko, and was first deployed a year ago. Not to be ungrateful for all the help provided by the U.S. – but just to stick to the facts….


    1. And you know. – the whole world owes Ukraine, so that’s the least the US should do (plus taking in five times more refugees than we are taking)


  2. Yes, that’s what I read (that it’s Ukrainian), but I wear that I read it several days ago that they were supplied (and not by the US, but by somebody in Europe). I can’t find this news piece right away, but I definitely didn’t make it up, because I never knew about Neptunes before this article. Could it be that some other countries in Europe assist with production?


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