Monday And Tuesday In DC

I just realized that I didn’t post my National Gallery post when I wrote it, and that’s probably because I already started to get sick and didn’t pay much attention. I think it’s mostly because I hit the point of not being able to cope with multiple things happening in the world and the way they affect people close to me, also because I had several days in a row with very little sleep. I slept eight hours last night, but it is not enough to compensate. Unfortunately, I have a big project to complete over the weekend, and I have no idea how I will be able to accomplish this.

On a brighter note, a little bit about the past Monday and Tuesday.

These are the days that Vlad has off. He spends them catching up on sleep, but he is alive and awake in the evening, and we spent both evenings at Vlad’s and Dylon’s place. Vlad and Dylon taught us to play mahjong, and everybody, including Nadia, loved it.

Igor found a refuge in the local library
Vlad is showing to us his favorite tree

I also really liked their place; it’s different from what they had in Chicago, but nevertheless.

On Tuesday, there was pouring rain the whole day. We made an attempt to do some touristy things, like seeing the Capitol (had to have a reservation made by a congressperson, so it didn’t work) and visiting the Library of Congress (also had to have a reservation). So it ended up being a lot of walks in the rain and taking buses, and no touristy things, except for Igor going to the Library of Congress.

And also, I made an effort to visit a gelato place that I saw a couple of blocks away from the hotel.

We left early in the morning on Wednesday, and as long as everybody is happy with this trip, I am happy!

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