Sightseeing in Helsinki

Wednesday after the Nordic Day was the day of sightseeing. One of my co-workers who lives in France and with whom I wanted to connect said that she would love to do some sightseeing in the morning before we both board the plane to Paris. We only had several hours, so I decided against going to Suomenlinna, instead, I took her to Oodi library, and she loved it! She loved pretty much everything about it and told me, that it’s worth coming to Helsinki just to see this library! She asked, how could the city of Helsinki finance such a major project. My answer that Finland is a socialist country didn’t satisfy her, she said France is a socialist country as well 🙂

We had lunch at the library. Initially, I planned lunch at Esplanada, but my co-worker is vegetarian, so there was no need for a perfect salmon soup, and the library cafe had lots of vegetarian options. After that, we went to see the Church in the Rock:

And then we went to Sibelius park. On the way to the monument, I saw that cafe Regatte was open and there was no line! We seized this opportunity! We were not hungry, and caffeinated enough, so we ordered hot chocolate with no whip cream and a cinnamon bun to share. And then we sat by the fire looking at the harbor!

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