Live Events: Nordic PG Day and PG Day Paris

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The World of Data

It was not the first live conference after the pandemic for me – the first one was in New York in December, but it felt like the first one again! Possibly because there was omicron in between, and nobody was sure whether we would continue.

Another “first’ for me was presenting at the PostgreSQL Europen conference. Previously, I presented at European academic conferences and at US PostgreSQL conferences, but never at European PostgreSQL conferences. Interestingly, I was going to submit a proposal for a European conference at the beginning of 2020… and then nothing happened for obvious reasons.

I liked everything about both Nordic and PG Day Paris. All talks were very interesting and educational; the room was full all the time, there were lots of questions, and there were a lot of conversations during the coffee breaks, during lunch, and after the events.

My presentation “Working with Software Engineers”…

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