Helsinki Today

Most likely, I won’t have much time to blog anything here until the end of the week, so just a couple of notes:
1) We hear talks about refugees on public transportation, and actually, it seems to be even more Russian-speaking people around than it was recently. The Allegro train started to run three times a day – Helsinki became one of the very few options to get from Russia to the rest of the world.
2) My friend mentioned that people are making three-day water and food supplies and that many people try to take cash out of bank accounts. The authorities reminded people to familiarize themselves with the location of the nearest bomb shelter.
3) It is sunny – in contrast with the past couple of days in Chicago!
4) Exactly two years ago, Boris was unable to come to Chicago because lockdown started. I am happy that I am here today, and I can’t believe it was just two years ago – I feel like two epochs have passed since then!

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