Yesterday, we went to see Tosca in the Lyric Opera. We – meaning, myself, mom, and my neighbor. My neighbor dreamed about this night since the day I got these tickets. And yes, the performance was outstanding, especially the soloists who sang the leading parts. Everybody was invited to see how the stage crew changed the set during the first intermission. The stage manager explained to us that the set is fifty years old and told us a lot of details about its construction, and then about costumes and wigs – most of the costumes came from the Convent Garden 2005 production.

After the performance, my neighbor told me that she could not help but think about Ukraine and all the historical parallels. I feel that no matter what show we watch these days, we see the parallels with the war, and each injustice we see on stage resonates with what we see on our screens in the reports from Ukraine.

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