Being In Control Of My Life

Last Saturday, I planned to go to Milwaukee to spend a day with my girls, finally exploring Milwaukee Downtown. But Anna texted me on Friday morning that all three of them had a cold. She said: and I blame Putin for that! As funny as it sounds, being under stress can indeed lessen your natural immunity. And actually, I also got a non-COVID cold by Saturday morning. We both checked the new feed constantly and could not switch to anything productive; I could not tell where my days were going – it looked like I was busy all the time but still didn’t accomplish anything.

Two major “highlights” of the first two days included knocking off the kitchen counter a percolator just after the brewing process was over. I thought the lid was tight, but not enough: almost all the coffee was spilled all over the countertops and the floor.

The next day, I accidentally put both of my contacts in the same eye!!! And it took me at least fifteen minutes to figure out what was going wrong!

After that second accident, I decided that enough was enough. And as one of my friends set, we should not let Putin rob us of our entire lives.

Doing nothing but refreshing the news feed all day long does not benefit anybody and does not help anybody. Since then, I have been trying to do as many normal activities as possible, including going to concerts and exhibits. And keep looking for ways to be helpful.

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