I Hope Chicago Will Respond

I hope even though it hardly matters. And “so that I could feel better” is a lame excuse for wanting something. Total helplessness. Two comments I left on other social media.

I am contemplating renouncing my Russian citizenship (I am a dual citizen). The only thing which stops me is that the total cost of the formal process is about $1K, and I do not want to give it to the Russian government

In addition to $1K, there are several pieces of documentation that are close to impossible to obtain, so this cry is unfortunately only wishful thinking.

And another on the Instagram:

It was sad to observe yesterday that only the Ukrainian community rallied against the aggression, but I hope that it will change today, and a whole city will rise to condemn the invasion 

There were two horrible comments which I removed and blocked the author. I do not want to write anything on Russian social media.

3 thoughts on “I Hope Chicago Will Respond

  1. I am still in the emotional state, cannot wrap my head around it. On top of it, hardly surprising but still very sad, there is a family issue, and I am sure we are not the only ones: my family is in Russia and my late aunt’s family is in Ukraine. My sister and our cousin had always been very close since they were kids. Now they are not talking. I was just on whatsapp with one and then the other – it is shocking how differently they view the situation and the facts. I force myself to stay patient and talk to my sister about other things, I just cannot stand it.


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