Baked Pumpkin With Mushrooms

I have a long list of recipes that I saw in various cooking blogs I follow and didn’t try yet. Sometimes, I try a new recipe right away, but sometimes it might take months! I still keep these “not-tried-yey” recipes in a notes file with the hope to try them at some point.

This recipe waited for its turn since October :). On Sunday, I finally cut the last pumpkin from my CSA fall delivery:

I used a half of it to make pumpkin puree and then make a baked cheesecake, and pumpkin muffins, and then I used another half for this recipe,. It was so good, I can’t even describe! I could not imagine such a “simple” thing can taste so great!

The best part is, that a giant mushroom and a red onion were from CSA deliveries as well!

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