Too Smart Phone!

Today, it was snowing in Chicago, which means there was a lot of snow! One of these days, that makes me very happy that I do not own a car anymore! 

Still, I went for a walk in the middle of the day, because I just can’t stay inside all the time! On my way back, I stumbled on a pile of snow and fell. It was not even an accident, the snow was soft, and it was funny, but my phone slipped from my pocket and ended up in the snow.

Again, not a big deal – I picked it up, brushed the snow off, made sure the phone worked, and kept going.

I was going to the musical tonight and planned to leave the house at six. Around 5 PM, I plugged the phone to make sure it was charged before leaving the house for five hours. Immediately, I saw a message on the screen indicating that the is some water inside the plug, and I needed to wait till it was dry before charging; otherwise, I could damage the phone. I waited and tried again. Then I tried to dry it with the fan. Nothing changed. 

Imagine: there is only 28% of power left, I need to leave in 10 minutes, and I have everything on the phone! My ventra card to get on the public transportation. My vaccination card. A ticket to the show (with a Broadway in Chicago subscription, the only way to display your ticket is using the phone, they do not even show a picture of QR code when you are on your laptop!

I turned the phone on, took a screenshot of the ticket, then printed it. I took a physical vaccination card with me,. and I only turned the phone on to get into the CTA station! I could not even use a computer while on CTA! Fortunately, the phone got dried when I arrived at the theater, and I could charge it with the portable power bank!

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