Tartu – Part 3

We wondered whether there was anybody else except for us in the hotel, and hence we were curious to see whether somebody would show up for breakfast. The breakfast was served in the hotel restaurant in the basement. We saw one more person at breakfast 🙂

The buffet selection was great, but just when we filled our plates and sat down, a waitress appeared and asked whether we wanted to order something :).

We could not miss this opportunity! Here is my poached egg with salmon:

After breakfast, we went for another walk, going through the park along the river, looking at the sculptures, and learning more about the history of Tartu.

I most definitely want to come when all the museums are open!

The new Mathematical Department building
These shoes indicate the start of a pedestrian zone

Our bus was leaving at 11 AM. This time, the weather was sunny, and I was peering out of the window all the way, marveling at the small farms, trying to imagine how people live. Being annexed in 1940, Estonia escaped the horror of the collective farms. There were some “sovhozes” – large state-run farms, which employed people rather than taking their private property into collective ownership. As for khutors – small farms that produced most agricultural products, the government pretended they didn’t exist. They survived through all the years of occupation until Estonia became independent, and it was a very happy sight.

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