Open House Chicago 2021 – Part 2

The next neighborhood we visited was Bridgeport. I never knew Chicago had a maritime museum, but there it was! The building where the Chicago Maritime Museum is located is a former Spiegel Catalogue Warehouse, on the banks of Bubbly Creek (Now, it’s a Bridgeport Art Center, and the Maritime Museum is in the basement).

The museum is wonderful; honestly, it’s a pity it is so far from the Loop! If it were closer, I would take more people there :).

One of the curators explained to us how the large ships could not sail in the Chicago River because it has so many bends
Ship model building shop
And same as in Tallinn, you could try to tight a sea knot
Looking out of one of the museum windows: that’s where Chicago River starts

Our next stop was the Bubbly. This building (Chicago Sustainable Manufacturing Center) was the first one transformed by Bubbly Dynamics, prior to The Plant. They host several artists and fabricators, and they have all imaginable and non-imaginable tools and machines. Lots of interesting information, along with the history of the Industrial District, can be found on their website.

Tool library

Next, we went to the Chinatown, where we visited the Chinatown Community Center Pui Tak. That was the only site where they checked the temperature upon entry :). We could see very few parts of the center, and we listened to the speaker who talked about the history of Chinatown and the history of the building.

A view from the building balcony

Our final stop was in the Garfield Park neighborhood, where we went to the 345 Art Gallery. Igor was there before, and he knows the owner. I really enjoyed this artistic oasis in an unexpected place 🙂

A very touching story on display
The Gallery’s outdoor space
Parts of the Elevated Chicago project

That was long and intense day, and I am glad I’ve spent it that way!

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