Visiting Tallinn: The Ferry And More

On Tuesday, I took a day off, and Boris and I went to Tallinn for a day. Tallinn is a two-hour ferry ride away, and it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world if you ask me. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there were restrictions on travel within the EU to the non-EU nationals, but now I wanted to enjoy a newly acquired freedom: if you are vaccinated, you can go anywhere!

Another decisive factor was the option to get a rapid COVID test on the ferry- I still need it to enter the US, and that was, it was cheaper (39 euros) and fasted (no extra time). 

The ferry used to be pretty crowded, even off-season, but it’s not the case anymore. We decided to take a 7-30 AM ferry to Tallinn (9-30 AM arrival) and return on a 4-30 PM ferry. 

Of course, it was the only rainy day of all the days I stayed here! We knew about that forecast for a while, but I still needed my COVID test, so we decided not to change our plans. And the trip was amazing, even though it indeed started to drizzle shortly after 11 AM, and the rain became serious later in the day. But you know what – because of that we visited a fantastic maritime museum and spent some time in two of dozen tiny Tallinn cafes! 

For those of my friends who do not know yet: Boris lived in Tallinn until he was 15 (and then he moved to Leningrad to attend a specialized mathematical boarding school associated with the University). And the reason his family stayed in Tallinn was that his father was a Navy officer. This time, even more than before, we talked about how he and the adults around him felt back then in Estonia. 

That being said, he understands the Estonian language (although he does not actively speak it) and has a lot of cultural insights. Each time we go, I tell him that “that’s his city,” and although he says “not anymore,” I still insist on him deciding where we go and what we do. 

I do not know yet how many blog posts I will make out of this one day, but I am going to start πŸ™‚

We left the house at 6 AM, because we wanted to walk to the terminal (the public transport does not run so often in the morning, and there is no direct route to the port).
We bought the tickets with breakfast, because it was too early to have breakfast at home anyway, and because there is no other place to sit on the ferry except for the cafes. The breakfast selection was outstanding, and I liked that all the food was of a really small size to I could try many different things
We can see Tallinn on the horizon
And we are in Estonia!

The was no passport control on the way there, we just scanned the tickets, but more surprises were awaiting πŸ™‚

Tallinn became way more bikable since last time I was there! Almost like Helsinki πŸ™‚
Next several pictures show the monument which is dedicated to the tragedy of “Estonia” ferry in 1994 in the Finnish Gulf. The investigation of this tragedy never happened, but most likely it collided with Russian submarine

After paying respects to the victims of that tragedy we proceeded to the Merchant City.

We passed the Fat Margaret Tower, and entered through the Great Coastal Gate
The Olevista Church was under construction, so we could not climb to see the city from there – next time πŸ™‚
The city looks much nicer than when I was there last time, the old buildings are repaired and repainted. In some cases, the paint is deliberately left off to show the walls
People and cars share the roads everywhere πŸ™‚
In case you can’t see it clearly: this viking lady has “Estonia” engraved on her shield
The class windows πŸ™‚

To be continued!

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