Lyric Opera Opens It’s Season: Verdi’s Macbeth

Almost all of my subscriptions start in September, and now I have a hard time fitting everything in :). When I subscribed, I hoped that at least something would work and wouldn’t get canceled, and now nothing is canceled, everything is happening, and it is so great and wonderful, but there are not enough hours in a day, and not enough days in life :). 

When I chose to attend Macbeth in the Lyric Opera on September 17, I did not realize that it would be both the opening night for this opera and the first live performance after 19 months. And let me tell you, it was something!!!

I tried to dress nicely, but most patrons have dressed ten levels of elegancy above me! I really enjoyed looking at all these ball gowns, opened backs, laces, etc., men in tuxedos and bow ties. 

Lyric has the most strict COVD protocol out of all entertainment venues in Chicago – only fully vaccinated people can attend, no exceptions. And consequently, no children under twelve are allowed in the audience. They open the doors two hours before the performance, and they check your vaccination seriously, not just glancing. They checked my name on the vaccination card and checked my photo id, and everything.

The theater was packed! I guess many people took advantage of the same amazing offer: I got all my tickets for $50 each. 

I loved everything about this show: the set (by a Scottish set designer), the voices, the orchestra, every single thing was soooo good! Or maybe it was the same as with music – that I missed it so much! What I didn’t realize was that this opera is long! And in contrast to the concert venues, the Opera has intermissions, and it all ended at 10-30, which meant I came home at 11-45PM. But it was so worth it! And also – ai do not have to worry that I will miss a train! 

Some photos and videos from the Lyric Opera website:

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