How To Foster Diversity

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Some time ago, I had a conversation about supporting diversity in academia. A person I was talking with asked me what concrete and specific actions would help increase diversity and give opportunities to individuals who can’t succeed in the academic world otherwise. For a while, I was thinking about a good answer. But the more I thought, the more I felt I need to answer another question first.

The question is,whydo we need diversity and inclusion? Many people genuinely believe that diversity and inclusion are buzz words, that it is “fashionable” to talk about diversity, or even worse, that this concept is invented by democrats, or lefts, or communists, or anybody else who corrupts our youth in the universities – you name it.

But the truth is that we all – we as a society, we as a country, we as humanity – all need to foster diversity.

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3 thoughts on “How To Foster Diversity

  1. It was pretty tricky to find this post 🙂 I got this podcast about inclusive teaching as my homework and immediately remembered our discussion about diversity in a classroom. Maybe of interest for you too
    This podcast discusses a book about inclusive teaching. I haven’t read the book yet, but the exciting idea for me from the podcast is that an inclusive teacher creates a learning community where students with different backgrounds feel welcomed and involved. It sounds pretty simple but the more I think about it the more fruitful I find this idea.

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    1. It was very interesting! I agree with everything which was said in this podcast. Especially about valuing the experiences of your students and of people with different backgrounds in general. I often feel the same way when I volunteer at ODS (and I often felt the same way with One Million Degrees) – I am learning from the youth as much (or even more than) they learn from me.


  2. I will include it on my listening list :). Seriously, it sounds interesting, and I think that’s what they do in schools in Finland.


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