Keeping Fixing Everything

While Boris is here, we are trying to complete tons of house projects with intermittent success. One of the happiest things for me was that Boris installed the remaining rolling blinds in the sunroom.

Schaumburg IKEA didn’t have the right size and color, and I needed six of them! At some point, I saw on their website that they have four, but since there were only four, they were not selling them online. That was at the end of May when Vlad and Dylon were still here. When Dylon took me to Schaumburg Toyota to sell my car, I asked him to stop at IKEA, and I bought these four grey blinds. I still needed two more, but they were nowhere to find. Finally, when I started to see the “last chance” notice by all blinds of that model, I decided to purchase two green ones. It ended up being not bad at all, and now I have this huge relief of one more thing being fixed!

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