Grant Park Music Festival Is Back!

The Grant Park Music Festival season opened on July 1, but on that day, the weather was just a little bit too cool for the outdoor evening concert. I decided to give it a shot on Saturday (after returning from the Dunes) even though there was a risk of a big crowd.

And boy, there was a crowd! For a moment, I was questioning the sanity of my decision, especially because I asked mom to come and meet us there, but it turned out great!

We sat on the stairs, which instantly provided more distance. There was a large screen over the stage – new this year, so we could see everything that was going on on stage.

It was just beautiful. The conductors were saying how it felt staying in front of the orchestra for the first time in 16 months. The audience cheered. Everybody on stage talked about the difficult year, and how the pandemic is not over, and how everybody should take care of others.

The Bean has recently open

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