“Obama Portraits” Exhibit With ODS

On Thursday, I went to the Art Institute with the youth from the ODS for the first time since last summer. I was hoping that waiting for this to happen. Now, several things happened simultaneously: the Art Institute returned the evening hours (Thursdays and Fridays till August 15), the Obama portrait exhibit opened, and the Art Institute Council for public relations gave the Night Ministry two dozen tickets for this exhibit, which includes the full Art Institute admission.

The exhibit is very small: the portraits of Barak and Michelle, several related artworks, and how these portraits were painted.

So after we watched this exhibit, we went to see what else is out. Most of the youth went their own ways, but one girl whom I already met twice (the day I was back was her first day in the shelter) ended up following “adults” for the most part. I started talking to her about the paintings, and she demonstrated an amazingly deep understanding and knowledge of art. We ended up wandering through a good portion of the Medieval section, Rembrandt and El Greco, and it was an enormous joy. She was keeping telling me how happy she was to have this opportunity, and I told her that I would try to do more of the Art Institute outings 🙂

Oh, and a funny story at the end. When we all fathered together before leaving, one of the boys suddenly realized something: “Oh, aren’t the lady who cooked that amazing salmon? That salmon was soooo good!”
Yep, that was me:). And in addition, I know something about art not mentioning being one of the world’s leading Postgres experts 🙂

And the very last note: I wish the Art Institute counsel for public relations would give some free tickets to the ODS for other exhibits as well!

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