The Dining Room

On Sunday, I assembled the last two IKEA storage units in the dining room, moved to the guest bedroom the units which were there temporarily, and finally put all the things at their designated locations. Also, back on Friday, John and Anna took a bookshelf that I didn’t need anymore to my mom’s house. That way, finally, the last room in my new house started to look like I wanted it to look.

And you know what? I felt pretty depressed for a while, and every day, I told Boris that I am not sure what’s the primary cause of that: is it the old house, the job situation, or something else. And the moment I cleared the dining room, I realized that my primary source of depression is gone!

2 thoughts on “The Dining Room

  1. Nice! Are you planning to stain those cabinets? I am trying to visualize the layout of your apartment and cannot. Can only see that it is very-very large 🙂 I really like it and thanks for sharing photos, I hope one day I will visit and see it for myself and we will go to the beach!

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  2. Boris plans to stain them :), but I like them even now. He plans to stain them light, like birch or oak.
    Yep, it’s a little bit weird of a shape, stretched from north to south :). I hope that you will be able to visit soon!


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