What Is Our Book About?

For the benefit of my friends who do not need this book 🙂

The World of Data

This blog post is long overdue. Since our book PostgreSQL Query Optimization was published, we’ve been asked multiple times, “What’s this book about?” In addition, my non-technical friends keep asking whether I can describe it in one paragraph so that they could understand it as well.

I thought that the best answer would be to copy a couple of paragraphs from the book’s Introduction – I hope that it is not super-technical:).SO, here it goes.

Like many authors, we wrote this book because we felt we could notnotwrite it. We are both educators and practitioners; hence, we see both how and what computer science students are taught in class and what knowledge they lack when they enter the workforce. We do not like what we see and hope this book will help bridge this gap.

When learning about data management, most students never see a real production database…

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