I Sold My Prius!

The plan always was t sell my car when I move to the city. But with Vlad’s departure happening earlier than we originally thought, it became urgent: I needed one more person to bargain (and drive me back from the selling point).

I still owed a little bit of money on my Prius: the promotional APR was so low that I was in no rush repaying it. But now, when it was time to sell, I was unsure how these things are done.
That was once in a lifetime situation when a sales email was a blessing: I received an email from a Toyota dealer where they offered a trade-in, And I replied: I can sell my car to you. They called me right away, and I told them I would come when I am done with driving 🙂

asked Vlad and Dylon whether one of them could come, and Dylon agreed to take me there. So we made an appointment for Wednesday morning. First, we drove to my old house and picked up the erroneously delivered IKEA items:). Then we picked my car from the train station and drove to the dealership.

t took way longer than I thought, but the car was happily sold in the end. The dealership wanted this car really badly because they had a low inventory, and my car has a very small number of miles on it. In fact, they were so eager to buy it that they didn’t even notice the dent in the bumper :). They only noticed the scratches on the sides:)

So they are paying off the rest of the balance I owe, and they are going to send me a check afterward, just in time before my Illionce sticker renewal is due :).

Hurray! No more monthly payment, no more insurance, mo more nothing! The salesperson said they never saw somebody so happy without the car 🙂 To be honest, this guy told me a lot of weird things, like started to tell me how he lived in Russia for several years and other things.. and he was keeing telling me that I have the most unusual car, and I told him there are more unusual things about me 🙂

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