What Was Going On In The Past Three Days?

I was packing, and also I was sick. So a couple of weeks ago, I thought how ironic it would be to get sick just for the time of move! And I did. And yes, I tested for COVID, and the result was negative. But there are other sicknesses except for COVID :). And I couldn’t just stop packing and sleep it through – I had to pack!
The absolute worst day was Saturday when Boris came. I wore a mask inside because I didn’t want to make him sick, COVID or not. We didn’t see each other since mid-February, and Boris hasn’t been to the US since November 2019. And here I am, having the worst cold ever!

Other move updates since the last post: the painting is finished. I haven’t been there yet, but Vlad says it looks fantastic :). I texted the person who fixed our dishwasher, and he said that there is a switch under the sink. I think a person who fixed the disposer accidentally pressed it. So, the dishwasher works, and the fridge works.

The cleaning ladies came today and scrubbed the place for four and a half hours, and now all is ready for the move. The internet was installed today. The sofa was delivered yesterday, although it was quite an adventure, so I will tell you about it separately. And looks like we are packed :). On

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