Health Benefits Of The Move

I hopped on the Red Line train to go to my new house and just remembered one more thing that I noticed last week. When I first started to go to Rogers Park, I was pretty upset to find out that my motion sickness returned. I’ve experienced motion sickness to some degree through most of my life. As a child, I hated taking a bus because it would make me sick, and I absolutely could not stand a taxi. So my mom had to rely on trams when we had to go somewhere. It was better or worse in subsequent years, but recently (that is before the pandemic), it was more or less fine.

The most important thing for me is to do work while on public transport, and I could do it perfectly fine on Metra and during the past several years on the CTA, too. However, my new work commute will be about 35 min, and I was hoping to work on CTA. When I found I can’t, it was bad news.

And then, all of a sudden, about two weeks ago, I noticed that I could ride CTA and work, and nothing is bothering me. So I hope that this will last, especially considering that the train cars are not full these days, and I sit comfortably and work.

Some other great health-related news is that walling does not bother me at all these days, so I hope that my lifestyle change will benefit me in this aspect as well. And finally, completely unexpected, on the second or third week of packing, it stopped affecting my back. Either I got myself trained enough, or I got into the habit of always lifting stuff the right way. Or a combination of both:)

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