Things Are Crazy

I’ve been doing a lot, but I do not feel that anything worth describing. It’s just unbelievable how much time all these routine things take.

I was supposed to do most of the packing over the weekend, but I barely did any.

I messaged back and forth with appliance servicing companies, with painters and handymen. I purchased a washing/drying unit and a new microwave. The most difficult was to purchase all the furniture I wanted from IKEA. Nothing was available when Vlad and I tried to do it for the first time. By Sunday, quite desperate, I called their customer service and asked what I am doing wrong. It turned out that a single sofa of a model which I wanted was available in the IKEA closest to me, but since it was just one, the website won’t allow me to purchase it online:). I ended up driving to IKEA with the SKU printed and ordering it for delivery.

Unfortunately, while I was trying to resolve this sofa dilemma, other items went out of stock…
Another saga is switching the utilities. I need to do it for both my mom and myself, and even just for myself, it takes twenty minutes both to start and to stop. With mom, we are still in process. I will tell you about it later :).

I packed donation boxes for the third time; this time, there were nine boxes. Igor and Vlad both came to my place three times to sort their things and help me remove the trash.

I am closing tomorrow, and then for a week, I will need both to finish packing and make the new place in order.

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