Talking To My Neighbor

The other day, I talked to my neighbor about my move. She is European, but she immigrated when she was seven years old, and she didn’t go back there until about three years ago. She does not remember how things are done in the old world (and not only in the old world) so this conversation would turn funny sometimes. 

She asked me about my walk-up, and she said: so you will live there for ten years or so, and then you will have to move? And I was: why? – Because then you won’t be able to climb three flights of stairs. And I was: why not? Boris does not use an elevator in his house. And she was: but he is not on the third floor? And I: yes, he is on the fourth! 

We laughed. She asked me whether I would move to Milwaukee later, and I told her that Anna gave me till I am seventy-five. She was: oh, I just turned seventy-five! And I told her that Boris is turning seventy-one soon, which surprised her. 

Then we talked about my mom’s new place, and I told her that it is very close to the grocery store and close to the L station. And she was: but where would your mom go? I said: to visit me! And she would: but she won’t ride CTA without you! I am: why? she used the subway and buses all her life, t will be easier for her! 

My neighbor is having a hard time imagining how life can look without a car :). 

My mom wants to pack. I asked her several times not to, but then I gave up because she would be way more nervous if she won’t. I recalled how my granddaughter Nadia was packing her things before they moved and realized that this is one more occasion when mom acts like a child. 

She seemed OK when I visited her today, but later, she again seemed nervous when we talked over the phone. I am talking myself into being as patient as possible 🙂

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