Move Progress

The painting of my current house is finally done! It took almost three days, and that was just one floor. Now I am scared to think how long my new house’s painting might take, mainly because the windows need to be sanded and painted, too.

The folks whom I hired did a great job, and they were also very careful with everything. I paid them a little over what they’ve asked because their bid was pretty low, yet they went above and beyond. I might hire them to paint my new house if they agree to travel that far and agree on the price.

That’s how everything looks now:

Also, look like we found an apartment for my mom. Vlad looked at three apartments on Friday and sent me the videos from the leasing agency. All of us, Vlad, Igor, and I, loved the one which seemed to be the furthest away from me. First, I thought that that’s a deal-breaker, but when I looked closely at the map, I realized that it is very close to the CTA, within walking distance to the local grocery store, and after all, not that far from my place.

Then I went to mom, showed her the videos, and spent almost two hours convincing her :). I explained that being closer to me (one of these apartments) will bring her further from the grocery store and further away from the CTA, and the surroundings will not be so nice. I am positive that we made the right choice for her, and I hope that she will realize it later. If my new place were at her new location, I would like it even more 🙂

One and a half items crossed off the list:)

3 thoughts on “Move Progress

  1. Can you explain why you paint both houses? I mean, if the method is to clean after yourself, the seller shall do it for the new one? Or if you can leave it all to the buyer, why do you bother with the old one? To me, it is either-or and you do both…

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    1. I believe I explained it in one of the previous posts, but most likely you didn’t realize the context back then. The condo which I am buying was left in a pretty miserable state when people left. There was a couple that got divorced, and I even have a feeling I read something about them in Tribune :), Looks like they didn’t pay for this place since 2019, and it was very close to the short sale. Explained here:,they%20can't%20catch%20up.

      the place was on the market for six months, and they only were able to bring a price down 5K. The real estate market at the moment is non-existent, and most places go for sale for more than they were originally priced. This place was within my price range, and I liked the location and everything. If it wouldn’t be that financial situation, I would try to bring the price down, but then it would fall into a short sale, and I might not be able to move in for another 6-12 months.
      As for my own place, I need to sell it fast and for good money. I will have no problem selling it, but the ceiling on the first floor was all covered with soot from the fireplace, and candles and cooking, and so were the walls. I painted the first floor only so that I could start selling before I move out.

      Does it make sense :)?


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