Still Packing

Today, I took a half-day off for packing :). In the morning, we went through Boris’s things (on Facetime). Surprisingly, that was a really fun activity. I found some IKEA light bulbs which I could not find before, and hence could not replace the bulb in my desk lamp.

There were other finding as well. In the upstairs guest bedroom, I found a box of miscellaneous wine glasses, and I am going to take them with me:). I think it was something Vlad picked up on one of the garage sales. But they are nice glasses!

Now, only my desk is left to be packed, all the rest is in the boxes!

2 thoughts on “Still Packing

    1. Before moving in I need to paint everything, to fix all that is broken and to buy a new washer and dryer. I can’t start before we close. At the moment, the closing is scheduled for April 28, but I am trying to push it for earlier, for the reason mentioned. I need to paint my place as well before I put it out for sale, so now I am packing the first floor to get it ready for painting. Everything is inter-dependable 🙂


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