Starting A Big Move

Looks like this is the best way to let my friends know: the decision is made. I (or rather the whole family) initiated the project “Hettie’s Big Move.”

I am moving to the city, and moving mom to the city, and there are hundreds of moving parts in this process. The only thing i know for sure is that the move has to be completed by July, which is if you think about it, coming very soon. So, as I’ve said earlier today – this spring is going to be really exciting!

18 thoughts on “Starting A Big Move

    1. I was considering this move for a very long time, but in February I became mentally ready. There are many reasons for that move, and I think I will write more about them later, but overall – that’s where I actually live and do stuff 🙂

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  1. Wow, good luck with your move! I remember you were considering it for quite a while 🙂 But does it mean we could not come and visit you when the borders finally open? 🙂

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    1. It will be even better! I am not downsizing, I am looking for 3+ bedroom with lots of additional space. Just so that my friends could visit 🙂


  2. I am happy to hear it, this is what I have been telling you all the time 🙂 Cannot wait to see your new place! Are you still looking or have found one already?

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    1. If I remember correctly, you’ve been telling me to get a second apartment in the city :), but nevertheless. you understand completely why I wanted to make this move for a while. It’s just that I could not make a definite decision. You know how it happens. When you are trying to sort out the pros and cons, it’s no good, You are just not ready. And when you are ready, everything is crispy clear. You imaging your typical day and say: yes, that’s how I want it to go. And it will be more fun to visit me that way 🙂


      1. I think we talked about both options – keeping the house while getting a place in the city was one but it was not working out for you, you said. In any case, yes, I know the reasons why you finally came to this decision and totally agree. I am sure it it the right thing to do at this stage of your life I will come and visit you and it will be a lot of fun! 🙂

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        1. yep! I am just starting the process, and I do not know where exactly I will end up (somewhere in the north of the city) but yes, it will be a lot of fun!


  3. it is also (at least where i live) good time to buy at the city and sell in suburb. We are looking to move from one suburb to another and it is a very difficult now. Market is good for sellers in suburbs but not for buyers.

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