The Weather And What’s Not

There was so much work at work for this whole week that I wanted to cry. I am reasoning with myself that by no means can I feel unhappy. There are way too many things that make me an exceptionally fortunate person, and I know that many people have real problems, so I should not complain. But I just felt very tired. I look back and do not understand where did the week go.
In the past several days, when I didn’t get a chance to write a single line here, the weather changed multiple times.

There were very snowy days, and I went sledding in the morning a couple of times. One morning, I had to clear my way.

This very moment, the wind is blowing loudly, and the snowflakes are swirling. I can’t remember the wind that strong in winter. When I look out of the window, it reminds me of the old Soviet fairytale movies, when the poor step-daughter is sent away from hope, or little children are lost in the woods. This snow fury is absolutely cinematographic.

On Monday, I realized that yet another winter weekend had passed, and I didn’t have a fire in my fireplace. I made it on Tuesday, and I didn’t put use the packaged firelogs. Instead, I used some real wood and parts of my Christmas tree. The real wood is much better when you need to relax. It would not burn for three hours; it will burn as long as log you tender for it. And since you need to keep an eye on it, you can’t just start the fire and go but to the things you are doing. You need to pay attention to the fire. And what is more captivating than a fire?!

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