I love it:). Love sledding, always loved it. And there is a big sledding hill right by my house, We used to go there with the kids, even when me kids were young adults :). But for some reason, I can’t make myself going sledding when I am by myself, and there are parents with kids on the hill. I feel embarrassed, and I do not know why.

I was anticipating today’s snow. Since going to the office is optional, I planned ahead to work from home. And early in the morning, at 7-45, to be exact, I took my sleds from the basement, put my snow pants on and left the house form the back door:). It’s the shortest way to the sledding hill, not like I didn’t want my neighbors to see me:).

Leaving that early was strategic. I knew there will be nobody on the hill. It was snowing, and even if somebody would decide to drive that early, they would probably opt to wait. And I didn’t have to drive, I could walk. Also, that early in the morning, I could walk, because it was only a half of the forecasted snow on the ground.

I had to make the way, and the first couple of times was not really sledding.

But it was the great start of the day, especially because I didn’t have time to get out of the house later!

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