How Was My Birthday

It was great, even though you might think it is impossible in the time of pandemic with everybody being remote.

It started with this picture I received from Boris at 4-35 in the morning (that’s when I wake up, and he knows :)). And since he is not sentimental at all, I liked it even more ๐Ÿ™‚

Today was my office day. I didn’t have breakfast at home (I only took a small container of fresh-cut fruit with me) because I had a Starbuck birthday reward, which I planned to use. Unfortunately, the Starbucks at the Palatine Train Station closed for good (which breaks my heart!). But with the new train schedule, I take an early express, so I ate my breakfast at the city’s train station.

At 10, I went to the French Market to pick up my Vanille Chicago Inauguration day order: an Apple Streusel pie with vanilla ice-cream and a box of mini-tarts.

Earlier in the morning, I received an invite to the zoom birthday lunch from Anna. Vlad was to deliver lunch for me to the office. He did, but he was late, and our schedule got a little bit shifted. But we had fun anyway. I certainly had! It was so nice to have a conversation with everybody!

Vlad brought me a sushi lunch, and a half of it was this veggie sushi. I never had it before, and I liked it a lot.

This is nt a fish! This is some fermented vegetable

At home, there was Anna’s present waiting for me. It was this amazing bike jersey from Machine For Freedom, and that was exactly what I needed! It is long-sleeve, and it has UPF 50 sun protection, and it has all bike pockets plus one:), and it fits like a second skin!

And I think that I have one more present in the mail :)))

And also, I have about seventy happy-birthdays in my inbox :))

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