About a Major Crisis

Today, on January 11, we finally have every chapter of our book submitted. Out of the total of eighteen chapters, including the introduction and conclusion, four are still being reviewed, but they are really small ones. Even if our technical reviewer would suggest some changes, there won’t be massive rewriting. I am doing a final walk-through with all examples, ensuring everything works as expected, and creating the source code files in the process.

I feel very good about this accomplishment, and if there weren’t a major crisis, everything would be in place a week ago. I know that I kept my friends uninformed, so here are some details about my family’s happened in the past two weeks.

For three weeks, we were going back and forth about Christmas and what is safe. Finally, we decided on a hybrid solution. 

Anna and her family came to my house on Sunday morning, Vlad and Dylon drove to my house shortly after. They stayed on my deck, and I took their and Igor’s present out along with the food. They left their and Igors’ presents and their food. They left without entering the house.

Then we had gift-opening on zoom, and the next morning Anna and family were going to leave. 

But just before that, Nadia felt unwell, and then there was ER, and then the hospital, where she stayed with John, while Anna was at my house with Kira. Nadia was tested for COVID, and the next morning the test came back positive. 

Tuesday was all spent on solving the logistical problems of getting a rental car so that two parts of the family could travel home separately and coordinate with release from the hospital. Anna went to get a rapid test, which was negative. 

At home, they had to isolate on two floors. The next day, John tested positive. The same day Vlad told me that he feels sick, and he tested positive on Thursday. Igor started to feel sick, yet another day later, but he didn’t get tested until next Wednesday.

If you still follow the sequence of events, by that time, I had four of my immediate family sick with COVID, with only in one case of clearly infecting one another. Neither Anna nor I had anything. Anna tested multiple times, and I tested twice. 

My mom didn’t get sick, and after Nadia tested positive, I had to tell mom that I can’t see her until I will get tested, for which I still had to wait for two more days after my contact. 

As a result, mom had to celebrate a New Year alone, and I was celebrating worrying about four people.

I worried most about John and Igor since John has respiratory issues and Igor is immunocompromized as a cancer survivor. I worried a lot about both of them, especially because they had it worse than the other two. 

Vlad had only a couple of really bad days, but he was the only one of all who lost a sense of smell, which is especially critical for him for his professional career. He is saying that it is returning now. 

How all these cases can be related, I do not know. Knowing all of those two days’ logistics, I can’t understand how Nadia and John can be related to Vlad’s and Igor’s cases, although the coincidence seems unlikely. 

And on top of that, just a couple of days after I had my negative test, I started to develop cold symptoms and rushed to get tested again. 

That was my life between December 28 and yesterday, and yesterday I had additional stress, but that will be a separate story:)

Yes, and about the book. I’ve asked for a one-week extension, and Anna was able to finish, for which I am thankful to her beyond imagination. 

And hopefully, we are all out of the woods 🙂

8 thoughts on “About a Major Crisis

  1. Hettie, I can only wish you all good luck and solid health! With the rise of covid cases in the US it’s quite possible that was just a coincidence. /chamaimelon

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  2. Yes, it is unproductive trying to figure out what was the original source, and whether the cases are related. After all, Nadia got infected in Wisconsin, where many people do not wear masks, and the community spread is height. No matter how hard my daughter’s family tried if the community doesn’t do it’s part there are little chances.


    1. It frustrates me a lot, when people think that getting sick with this virus is not a big deal, or that it’s “people’s own fault.” It’s not Igor’s fault that he had cancer and subsequent chemo. Igor lost more than a week when he could not work, and that means that he won’t get any pay, because he is a freelancer. And even when a person is out of the worst the fatigue lasts for a very long time, so neither Igor nor John are over it yet.


      1. It might or might not be a big deal, depending on the severity of each case and one’s state of health, but it is certainly nobody’d fault. You did everything you could do to prevent the spread.
        Sounds like Igor and John were at the highest risk. From what you told Igor was not even there so their cases are not related. Or was he infected from Vlad, and Vlad from John? Who knows. But it is scary how quickly it happened. How bad was it with Nadia?
        Ilya and I had some minor cold back in the spring and the only lasting symptom was the fatigue, it took us a few weeks to be fully normal again. We don’t know what it was, the tests were not available back then.

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        1. Nadia was really bad the first day and partially the second, and then she recovered pretty fast. We all are going to have antibody tests, including me, because there is a possibility that there was an asymptomatic case. After all, John was in my house, and I hugged Nadia right before she felt sick, and Vlad came back on Monday to pick up more food leftovers. He wore a mask all the time, as he always does, so it is all really weird…


  3. Hettie, I just offer you my support – such stressful times 😦 I’m happy to hear that the crisis is over (the most of it, at least). My best wishes for health and well-being to everyone in your family.

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