The First Part of the Christmas Baking

Baking alone can be considered a success because I ended up baking enough to send all of my long-distance shipments, and there is still plenty left. I will bake more next weekend, and I should have enough for all my giveaways plus something extra. At least, I hope so. There are so many people to whom I want to give cookies! 

I brought this apple-cinnamon filling form Finland
Last year, after baking kolacki for ten years, I finally figured out how to prepare the apricot filling the right way!

This time I tallied the counts, and the total number of cookies I baked this weekend plus what I baked before I left for Helsinki was 370. I need to make at least 200 more, preferably 250.

As usual, the most challenging part is cookie decoration because you run out of ideas pretty quickly. I engaged my mom in this activity, and she decorated a dozen, which was great, but not enough. Once again, I am glad I stood up to the challenge: the total number of sugar cookies was 87! 

Baking is one thing, then I had to pack them into the boxes for their long trips across the globe. That requires wrapping each of the cookies into a piece of napkin and packing them gently but tightly into tin boxes, sealing tightly, then writing the cards, filling in and printing the customs forms, and then sealing each of the boxes into a bubble-wrap envelope.

I was happy that the custom forms are now available online, but it does not take less time! Moreover, it required almost the same time in the post office. 

I am always trying to be as efficient as possible when I mail my Christmas packages because I am sure that other people in the line hate me for staying there for 40 minutes. This time though, I tried to do all of my long-distance packages in one visit, and it was an hour! We finished after the official closing time. While I was in process, some of the post office workers stopped by the pile of my packages and commented about mailing cookies to the opposite side of the world. Since the custom forms are on the top, the contents of the packages were revealed. I replied to the effect that during the past ten years, they should have used to it. They asked whether I am sending them to the family, and I said – friends, although I do not know in person most of my recipients:). 

One of the younger workers exclaimed: are you a millionaire?! I said – no, I only do this once a year. She was – but it is still so generous! And I said that it is totally worth it if I can make people happier, and we all agreed that love is priceless.

I told them that they are awesome, and I understand how difficult this time of the year is, and that I will bring them cookies. And the younger worker said: oh, your appreciation is enough! That’s what keeps us going! 

I can’t explain why, but this conversation was such a happy thing – I’ve kept smiling for the rest of the evening 🙂

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