Did You Hear About PostgresBuild 2020 Conference? If Not, Keep Reading

Yes, it’s like I do not have enough things to do 🙂

The World of Data

2020 was a year without conferences. And it felt heavy for all frequent conference attendees like me. As for academic conferences, most of them ended up switching to the online format because pandemic or not, but everybody needs publications.

The situation was different with Postgres Conferences. Live communications were always vitally important for the Postgres community, and it was with excruciating pain that I watched the New York conference being first postponed, then canceled; then the last glimpse of hope for the first PG Day Chicago vanished. It didn’t come as a surprise that PostgreSQL Conference Europe was canceled with no attempts to move it online, along with my plans to contribute.

That being said, when several weeks ago, I received an email with a call for contributions toPostgres Build 2020, I jumped on this opportunity.

Needless to say, that now I am busier than ever, but I’ve…

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