Summer In November

Last week, I wore boots and gloves, and just last weekend, I moved all outdoor furniture into the basement and folded the big outdoor umbrella. And then, the Universe gave us this incredible gift: not just one day, but three days of summer in November, and three more days to come!
Yes, I pulled my sandals back from storage, and I biked, and I had my kitchen door opened for the whole day. How much of summer those who above is going to give us, I will take it all!

Trump bridge stays open – a view from a distance
Trump Tower bridge – close-up

This week, I managed to have both of my bikes in and out of maintenance, and I am so glad that this task is off my mist! And happy to have both bikes functioning. Soon, I will bring one of them inside to use in winter.

Today, I worked from home, and I tried to use all the breaks I had, to do some biking. I was pleasantly surprised, that the bike path to Lake Louise was finally restored and opened. They did an awesome job with this bike path; the bridges are so much more secure!

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