My Best Girls Ever

I had the best time ever with all three girls:). Kira is a miracle child: she is so happy all the time and so calm! Not like she does not have bad days and bad nights, but in comparison, not only with Nadia but with any child, I know close enough. Also, she is very advanced both physically and emotionally for her four and a half months. She tries to stand up all the time you hold her. she tries to crawl and sit, and I think she will be mobile in some way by the time she will be six months old. Just you wait:).
She also has an unbelievable emotional response to others, which is also way too early. She meets people’s gaze; she is upset when either Nadia or Anna is upset, and she ever reacts emotionally at the conversations which are not directed to her. And if you talk to her directly, she would always respond with the broadest smile.

Nadia speaks more and more complex sentences. She loves telling stories, and she likes it when Anna tells stories, imaginable, or real. She is very thoughtful and very compassionate, polite, and considerable of other people’s needs.

And all this is most definitely because of her parents. I do not think I ever had such a level of patience, as Anna demonstrates. And I can tell that her patience with Nadia fosters all these positive traits. Many everyday tasks take longer than they could because she lets Nadia do things by herself, to decide for herself, to do them her way. She always accepts Nadia’s help even when it makes things going three times slower :). And I am sure that John does the same; I just saw less of him this time :).

I am so looking forward to seeing these girls growing and doing great things!

4 thoughts on “My Best Girls Ever

  1. Yes, It’s one and a half-hour drive. When life will be back to normal, we could use Amtrak, which is also fast, and there are lots of trains. during the day.


  2. Nothing at the moment/ John’s mother was living with them for a couple of months, she went back at the beginning of September. She was definitely a huge help but I’d say not like doing everything for them :). Like some parents :). Anna is still on her gianormous maternity leave, but she has to go back to work in two weeks. They were planning on daycare, but the one they chose had COVID cases among the staff, so they are trying to hire a nanny. The problem is that in Wisconsin, cases skyrocket, and almost nobody wears masks or exercise other measures of precaution, so hiring has been a challenging process so far.


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