New Product Launched, But Life Is Still Crazy

I’ve already mentioned that for the past several weeks, the workload was ginormous. All the efforts were geared towards launching a new product and then making sure everything works as expected.
Launching a new product was a big deal, and in the pre-pandemic times, we would have a big celebration.

Since we are effectively remote these days, with only a very sporadic appearance f people in the office, our leadership team came up with a very special way of celebrating our success. Each of us received a FedEx delivery of a limited edition champaign bottle, and on Friday after work, we had an online event. Our CEO talked about our plans for the rest of the year and the next year, and then people with different business functions talked about their challenges during these weeks.

And after that, we had a remote toast:

For me, however, even the initial work was not over. I was still helping the reporting team to finalize reports. Besides, since I was busy with work stuff 20 hours a day, I was behind on everything in my life.

On Friday afternoon, I’ve drawn the Eisenhower Quadrants in my head, and started my attack in the list of sixty-seven action items I had for that weekend (plus Monday). Happy to report, that I was able to move two items to “not urgent (aka next week) right away, and of others, there were only five left, which technically speaking were also “not urgent.” Oh, and I didn’t do any work over the weekend, which resulted in being even more busy during the first three days at work.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell anybody that “I do not have time for that,” because the person who needs all these things to be done is myself 🙂

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