It’s that time of the year when squirrels run around with their tails up, getting food supplies into their nest to help them last through the winter. That’s what I thought of myself when I went to IKEA last Saturday, the first time after it reopened. I ran out of everything and needed to replenish supplies.

Do you know that nobody except IKEA sells cookies or cracker with cardamon?!
Lave both of these teas!
New cups
Chocolate supplies
Mini cinnamon buns (just in time for a cinnamon buns day)

The lines were long, but moving pretty fast, and there is enough space in Ikea for distant shopping. Obviously, I spent a lot of time in the kids’ section (grandmother should not be allowed there :)), and all the kids stuff is waiting to be presented whenever Anna will decide.

I was glad I was able to get away from never-ending work, if even just for an hour. I wanted to go to IKEA for the past four weeks, and could not find time, so I almost had to force myself. I am glad I did:)

2 thoughts on “IKEA

  1. I never tried Ikea’s tea, but brand name seems to be perfect. Maybe I have to check the taste as well (I believe i need a couple of visits to Ikea yet before we are ready with renovation).

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  2. That’s the first time I saw the tea in IKEA, at least the teabags. So may be it is something new. The taste is incredible! Each time when I am about to brew tea, I look at these boxes and change my mind 🙂


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