Bitemporality in Practice

The World of Data

Yesterday marked a significant milestone in the life of the pg_bitemporal library. Five years ago, when this project started, we thought that the first practical application of that concept would be in accounting. Indeed, when I explain to people who work in finances what benefits this approach can yield, my explanations usually receive an enthusiastic response. However, when it comes to reality, i.e., doing real financial reporting, people tend to rely on more familiar approaches. After all, the financial reports are too important to mess them up. But through all these years, I hoped I would be able to demonstrate the usefulness of the bitemporal concept and the productiveness of that approach.

What happened yesterday was that my very first report, which used the bitemporal framework for accounting, went live. And the way it is using bitemporality is just how I envisioned it five years ago.

I am a scientist…

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