Monet In Chicago Exhibit

The Monet Exhibit in the Art Institute opened last week. I didn’t have time to attend during the members-only days, but I was also hoping that the second week won’t be so crazy. 

It turned out that although the line outside was small, the virtual line for the exhibit was massive. I came in only twelve minutes after the museum was open on that day, and the first hour of each day is a member hour. 

I guy with an iPad was standing at the entrance, and he asked whether I was planning to visit the Monet exhibit and if yes, he can put me in the line. There was already 30 minutes wait by that time!

While waiting, I went to a permanent Impressionists exhibit. It is one of my favorites, if not the most favorite collection. The room, which usually exhibits Monet’s works from the permanent collection, was vacant for the time of the new exhibit, and I was thrilled to see that it was repurposed to show tons of Toulouse-Lautrec works! I don’t know whether any of my friends love Toulouse-Lautrec art with the same passion as I do, but let me tell you, it was a real treat! I am posting just a couple of works, which usually are not on display. 

Then it was time to go to the Monet. Unfortunately, it was my lunchtime, and the fact that I had these 30 minutes wait had cut my visit short. But I will come back multiple times!
At the exhibit entrance, there is an explanation of Monet and Chicago (and I knew nothing about it!). I didn’t know that his works were featured at the World Columbia Exposition, and even at the interstate Fair earlier. I did not know that the Art Institute hosted his first solo non-commercial exhibit and that they were the first in the US to purchase his work.

About two-thirds of the works on display are unknown to me, which means I will come back several times!

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