Reindeer3 block the road / Renos3 bloquean la carretera/ Rennes3 bloquent la route/ Renas3 bloqueiam a estrada

If you think it’s a problem when geese block the road, here is a REAL problem!

Travels in Finland and abroad

In English:

We went on a road trip and met reindeers

Background information.

I know that the title is not the best, but I wanted to point out that during this road trip to the northern parts of Finland, we met reindeers everywhere! The explanation for this is that the area belongs to the northeastern reindeer herding area which is larger than the northwestern area. In 2019, there were 4461 reindeer smashes although due to modern technique to warn about collisions of reindeers. This is so called the reindeer alarm application called in Finnish Porokello. Cons of Porokello (personal opinion): Gives a false feeling of security. Overall ratings of this application are for and against based on the user experiences. Many oncoming cars blinked their headlights to warn about reindeer – it worked great!

General information.

The length of our trip was 2413km / 1499mi. It lasted 10 nights /…

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