Family Time

My girls went back home today. We spent a wonderful five days together, going to places, doing things together, and talking non-stop. After they left, I told Boris that I either became too old or out of practice because I felt tired of all these non-stop activities. He replied that he thinks that I am just out of practice, and I asked whether he implies that I should do it more often. He laughed and said that probably yes.

Speaking about activities, we went to the Botanic Garden on Tuesday.

The signs say: Welcome back! We missed you!
These are tomatoes!!!

Then, we went to Millennium Park and Maggie Daley Park on Wednesday.

On Thursday, we went for a prairie walk in the forest preserve and the woodland on Friday.

Sandhill cranes

We had my mom over twice, and on Friday afternoon, Igor came and met his niece for the first time. On Saturday, we went to the farmers market and then had coffee and croissants with my mom at the train station.

A balloon artist at the market

We also read together tons of books, both English and Russian, and did quite a bit of art projects. We cooked a lot!

Anna tuned my blue bike, which was never tuned since I bought it, because I didn’t have time in the fall, and in spring, there was already five-week long waiting list.

The most surprising thing is probably the fact that Anna and I still managed to work on the book and submitted the next chapter. We are somewhat behind, but not hopelessly behind.

I really-really like Anna’s parenting. She is exceptionally patient and knows to distinguish important things from not so important. From the first day of Nadia’s life, she treated her with respect. And now, Nadia treats other people with respect as well. She knows how to express herself, ask politely, and wait patiently, how not to get frustrated when things are not going as planned.

At the age of three, she is already a kind and caring person, eager to be helpful, and I am sure Kira will grow up to be a wonderful person, as well. Now two months old, she is very alert, and vocal, and mostly a very happy baby.

I miss them already 🙂

5 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. Unfortunately not! The closest to the blog would be her Instagram post. This is currently the only social media were she is somewhat active, and she writes there more than posts pictures. Do you follow me on Instagram? Because if you do, I did not connect the user name with you.


    1. Это Елизавета из Швеции, chamaimelon в ЖЖ (опечаталась, подписывая комментарий).
      Я помню, как вы писали о впечатлениях от визита, когда Надя была маленькая, как хорошо у родителей с тайм-менеджментом и налажен быт. Мне сейчас. очень нужны советы и истории успеха! 🙂


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