A Magic Mug

I signed up to receive a magic mug when I donated to Midwest Access Coalition back in March. At that time, volunteers could not host clients coming to Illinois for abortion (due to COVID restrictions), and I donated money to help place clients in the hotels.
That was back in March, and I completely forgot about the mug. When it arrived yesterday, it took me a while to recall what it was all about, yet along how it works. And it works magically – just pour some hot tea or coffee in it!

2 thoughts on “A Magic Mug

  1. In the ideal world, there would be no abortions, and all the children will come to this world loved and wanted. The ultimate goal is to have a little number of abortions as possible, and I can’t imagine any human being who would think otherwise. However, in cases when abortions are to happen, they have to be safe and legal. Because safe and legal abortion is magnitudes better than back-alley abortion.


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