How Is It Being In the Office

So far, went I come to the office, I am either alone, or there is one more person there. People are asking me “how is the office,” and I am saying I like being back. It’s not like I less productive at home, but when I am coming to the office, it helps me to separate work and non-work, so that it won’t be one endless workday.

Also, when I am in the city, I can meet Igor for lunch, and I can walk the streets of Chicago, which I missed a lot during these months!

There is no food in the kitchen
And the nespresso machine stopped working, so I bought another percolator for work
There is only my food in the fridge
And my ultra-pasterised milk, which can last for a month
I am temporarily located by the window
I ordered lunch from Panera, and met with Igor
You can’t come and touch the Bean, but the Millennium Park is open
And you can even sit on the lawn!
The Lurie Garden is open as well, although some parts are closed
We will!

4 thoughts on “How Is It Being In the Office

    1. Aww, you could not make me happier! I missed the city badly during the lockdown, and most people could not understand why I was so eager to get there from my little safe suburbia. And you know, even the barricaded Bean brought me joy 🙂


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