Another Long Day…

Once again, way too many things happened today. Some were good, some – very satisfying, some funny, and some sad.

And because I do not feel like writing about the sad things at the moment, I will put here several pictures from the forest preserve. First, the ones I took on Friday early morning, when I was biking.

And today, I went to the forest preserve to check on my scouting area. My summer area is gorgeous, and I walked, and walked, and could not stop marveling the nature. I didn’t find any white sweet clover there, and went to one of the “nobody’s” areas (because otherwise I would feel like I didn’t do anything productive for the prairie!). There, I pulled a couple of dozen of these invasives, and a morning mission was accomplished. And now – some pictures of a beautifully blooming prairie!

That’s how tall they are!
Sandhill cranes
A compass plant points to the North!

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