All of Today’s Negativities

First, about my eye surgery. The vision in the operated eye is non-existent; it’s as if I have an aquarium inside. I know that that’s exactly what I have in my eye :), but it looks like everybody expected it to be better. Plus, I am seriously upset with this surgeon and the whole office and the whole organization. Vlad, who took me to the post-surgical today, is equally upset. We waited for him for the whole hour, and he didn’t even say that he is sorry for being late, and he barely talked to us. I am also upset that although I’ve explained to him how important it is for me to know what to expect after the surgery precisely, he didn’t give me the correct information like he said I would be able to drive right away. Now I do not trust anything of what he said, including whether I indeed needed this surgery.

I need to come for a checkup in two weeks, and then in another two weeks to see the first surgeon. I hope that my regular eye doctor will finally start coming to the office because I need to consult with her about the situation.

And on top of it – the EU is banning all the travel from the US. Now, once again, same as in March, although Boris theoretically can come, It won’t help if the planes won’t fly. And I still can’t go there because of the current restrictions.

I’ve almost talked myself into some calmness because there is nothing I can do, and because Penelope waited longer and didn’t have Facetime :).

2 thoughts on “All of Today’s Negativities

  1. Sorry to hear about your bad experience but hopefully, it was not for nothing and the surgery was really required.
    How are you feeling today? Any better?

    I have read about the travel ban from USA, I am so tired of all this I almost don’t want to read any news 😦 I am trying to stay calm but I find it more and more difficult. We just need to live through this. Hugs!

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  2. Thank you! With the eye it is pretty much the same; I googled this surgery (I did it before, but before I didn’t realize what is the gas bubble and all the questions about it; and even if somebody would explain to me until you experience it), it’s hard to understand. Anyway, they say it mike take from several days to several weeks or even months. Not encouraging at all, but I know that the vision is there, so it will eventually come back. And yes, it’s not like I had much choice.

    Thank you!!!


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