Everything Is Falling Apart!

Last Saturday, I walked into my kitchen and noticed that something was on the stovetop, which looked like splashes. I proceeded with wiping them off, but I quickly realized that they were not splashes – they were cracks. My glass stovetop had two massive cracks, and I had no idea when and why they appeared! I didn’t drop anything on the stovetop, that’s for sure, and I didn’t hear anything falling. In any case, there was a double-crack and some dents along with it.

I googled the situation, and Grandfather Google told me that I couldn’t use the stove like this, and I need either to replace the glass or the whole stove.

Figuring that the glass top would cost at least $200 plus labor, plus I need to find a technician to do this job, plus the wait time, I decided that the best bet would be to buy a new one. I went to the Home Depot website, being slightly upset that I do not have time to do a throughout research. But I quickly realized that most of the models were not available until mid-July or even August, and there were just a few which could be delivered within a week. I chose one of those, and then I thought that since I am buying a stove, I can also buy a new over-the-stove microwave. I planned to replace it in February, but then life happened. Once again, looking mostly at the earliest delivery time, I chose one and proceeded to the checkout. The website was hinting that I can apply for a Home Depot credit card, and have zero-percent financing for a year. I had this card a while ago but stopped it when I stopped making major purchases at Home Depot. Having too many credit cards is not good for your credit history, and I terminated it. This time I said to myself: I do not need this card, and I do not need zero percent financing; I can pay right away, but the next page said: you will receiver $50 off each appliance if you apply, and I gave in :).

The problem seemed to get resolved. Except for Wednesday evening, the Home Depot person called to inform me that the order is delayed and that my delivery is being rescheduled for Saturday. That was a real bummer because I was planning to go to the clinic escort and then meet up with Igor, and now I had to cancel both.

Thursday morning, when I woke up, I saw that something was wrong with my Apple watch. Indeed, it fell apart straight on my wrist! Although it was still functioning as a watch, the touch screen didn’t work. I taped it together so that I had something telling me time 🙂 and proceeded to the apple.com. Funny story – I was thinking about getting a Series 5 in February, and again – life happened, and I put that idea on hold.

All the physical Apple stores are still closed. On the web site, when I tried to place an order for Series 5 Nike, the delivery date was July 7 to 14, and I didn’t want to wait that long! I had no other choice than to switch to Amazon, where I was able to order the same watch with next day delivery and $100 off!

By 6-15 AM, when I dialed to have an online personal training session, I already had a very busy morning! A cherry on top: when I was texting “Ready” to my trainer, my glasses fell, and one of the lenses wad on the floor! I was able to put it back, but the thought was – what else can break?!

Slowly but surely, things were sorted out, my apple watch arrived, better than the previous one. A neighbor handyman resealed my deck right before the mulberries started to fall dow. On Friday, I lost the screw from my glasses, but the Lenzecrafters replaced it, and my appliances finally arrived on Saturday. I even figured out how to operate a new microwave.

It looks like everything turned out better than before, and now I am wondering, whether that was it 🙂

2 thoughts on “Everything Is Falling Apart!

  1. Thank you:) Yes, most of those things are now resolved, except for my eyes are now falling apart. But here I just need to be patient


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