Local Protests

Today, Palatine had its first Racial Justice rally, the second one is planned for Saturday. I learned about it a couple of hours before it was going to start, but I figured out I can do it.

Through the past week, I’ve said multiple times how important these days is not to be silent. Yes, we are a small village, just about 80,000 people. And yes, it may seem like it does not matter; we are away from the city and away from the real battle. But I find it essential that my neighbors of different languages and colors walked out together to say NO to racism.

We were standing at the corner of Palatine Road and Quentine, the Riemer Reservoir is a public property, that’s why we could be there without any permission. Police was notified and had it’s presence
For such a short notice, I’d say there were a lot of us!
Lots of cars honked in support
Hope tomorrow I’ll find out how many people came!

2 thoughts on “Local Protests

  1. Kudos to you for joining a march. There are a number of marches and demonstrations planned for the Bay Area this weekend. I’m on the fence about whether or not to go. If it were not for the virus I would absolutely go but my wife is in the vulnerable category.

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  2. yes, that’s a tough choice. I am also very cautious and very selective since I am about to start yet another round of eye surgeries, and also I take care of my 85-year-old mom. Keeping my distance 🙂


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