My City, My Love is Badly Wounded

I should probably save all these photos because I am not convinced they will stay on the Tribune’s website for long. I will do it tomorrow. For now, I am just reposting the links… Mayor Lori said she is giving the protestors some time to peacefully disperse. Still, with all the bridges up and all the public transport halted, I am not sure how it will be possible.

Right now, I am blaming myself for letting it go. When I heard some people making comments about being afraid to take the Green line because there are all these black people on the trains, I would turn away with disgust but often comment little or nothing. I thought that there is no point in arguing with these people and that they will just die away because they are incurable…

These people may be incurable, but I should never let it go. I should never have given anybody the idea that they can say all these things, and think it’s a joke.

How will we rebuild ourselves? And before that – how will it end? How will this night go? Will we be able to heal? When and how?

My people. My city. My love. My soul.

7 thoughts on “My City, My Love is Badly Wounded

  1. I hope this madness would go away soon, but it looks like that this is just a result of a long and complicated chain of all the recent policies and cannot be resolved very easily (((.

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  2. In some sense, it should not go back to what used to be normal… I will post more tonight, we will see how things will be developing/


  3. Heal? we are now very far from healing, we are in the middle of opening this wound, which was there and no one seem to treat it before it got to that point.

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    1. We as a society are at the very beginning, no doubt. But I really want my city to get to the point we can at least start talking. At the moment, it’s not the case


  4. I don’t quite understand your point of view (concerning the conversation you mentioned) and don’t know other cases of police violence except the last… But I’d like to know

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  5. I will try to write something about it. It’s a long and difficult conversation, But if I’ve said that I won’t let it go, that means I should not let it go.


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