A Perfect Memorial Day Weekend (III)

When I was planning my long weekend, I planned for a long bike ride on Monday morning. Then, the forecast showed rain at 6 AM. I thought I will wait, but then I thought – what if it won’t rain at six, and instead will rain at eight? What a fool I would be then! I left at 5-40, and yes, the rain started at 6-05 :), so I had to come back. But after breakfast, it was beautiful outside, and I went for the longest bike ride of this season. Actually, I do not think I ever took such a long ride all by myself. I was not even sure how the paths are going where I was planning to go :). And I had a great time!

The second half of Sunday was work, and it was also good, because I had to do compliance training, and I won’t have a chance to spend two and a half hours during my workday on compliance training. I was really glad I did it, because it was one of those severely overdue projects which haunted me.

Another overdue project was knives sharpening. I planned it for at least two months. DO you know how good it feels when you can cross something like that out of your list?!

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